Richie’s Story

After an incident saw him imprisoned, Richie shares his journey to where he is today.


Sharon’s Story

"Even though Mum, you've left me, God never will."

Donna McLean’s Story

"We got a call, at around 1am, there had been an accident.."

Donna’s Story

I was born into a home for unwed mothers, so I was adopted when I was about a month old.

Kyle’s Story

While battling depression and suicidal thoughts, Kyle's friend invited him to church.

Jordan’s Story

Life at home became unbearable, Jordan was at breaking point.

Sarah’s Story

A freak accident left Sarah paralyzed from the waist down, but Sarah resolved not to accept the doctor's diagnosis.

Nicola’s Story

I grew up as an Atheist, my whole family were Atheists. I never knew anybody who was a Christian.

Ruby’s Story

I grew up in an ideal community with perfect families. It was obvious I was different.

Veronica’s Story

Things took a turn for the worst as Veronica's sons led her through the most heartbreaking, painful and stressful time...

Find Jesus

He is a personal saviour, and His greatest desire is to have a relationship with you.

Pastor Peter’s Story

After experiencing the loss of his father at a young age, Peter resolved not to cry. Pastor Peter Mortlock is...

Nadja’s Story

After moving to NZ and starting their family Nadja's husband Stefan was diagnosed with a severe brain tumour.